Executing Business Turnarounds

Assessing the current processes, such as manufacturing, finances, or the service process, to identify the loopholes. Once identified, taking requisite actions can drastically improve the health of the company.

A business will benefit from a review of processes and restructuring of systems. This will help in identifying the reason and finding a solution.

I have led 10X growth (an outstanding record of growth from 300 crores to 6500 crores in 11 years).

In 3 instances, I have led to doubling of revenues in 2-3 years. I am adept in creating and restructuring processes across all functions of the organization for massive turnarounds.
I can help you to lead your business to growth and profitability.


Strategy Formulation and Execution for Growth

Just as an excellent corporate strategy can grow a business manifold, a bad strategy can bring down profits.

Working with businesses for more than 25 years has equipped me to create seamless strategies that drive growth.

Of the 15 turnarounds completed by me, at least 60% belonged to this category.

I worked at Intex Technologies and created systems which helped increase production to meet rising demand – from 30,000 to 50,000 mobiles a day with two-thirds workforce. The rework was reduced from 16% to 1.5%. All these had a major impact on profitability, brand image and the speed of new product launches.


Systems Simplification and Effectiveness

Simplification of complex methods and systems often transform entire sectors and leads to positive change in the competitive landscape.

I help business owners struggling with low, negative profitability to create solutions for sustained profits by simplifying and aligning existing systems that can easily be maintained by their own teams.

While working with McKinsey, I learnt the nuances of designing and simplifying the processes, systems, working on the technology – systems – people nexus very intricately.

I believed that turnaround is possible and anythings is possible if we have a big Consulting team and resources. And at McKinsey, our team had more than 20 consultants, many subject matter experts, special software for analytics and a rigorous internal review mechanism ranging from weekly reviews with Engagement Manager to monthly reviews with the Principal.

This experience and learning helped me further in another project I undertook.

While working on the sale of a sick unit (a unit that has reported cash loss for the year of its operation and in the judgment of the financing bank is likely to incur cash loss for the current year as also in the following year) and an assessment of a failed funded project, I adopted the same approach of business process assessments as followed at McKinsey.

Surprisingly, it triggered actions and both the units revived.


Systems Maturity Assessment and Roadmap for Future Goals

Systems Maturity Assessment helps to gauge the maturity of an organization by benchmarking against Industry standards and Enterprise excellence that help in creating a future roadmap.

My expertise in business diagnostics for leading business turnarounds has been fine-tuned further by being an Assessor for Industry-Wide Business Excellence Assessments for National Awards.
I keep myself aware of the best practices and system-level innovations by engaging in system maturity assessments for

  1. FICCI Quality awards,
  2. CII-Logistics Total Cost Maturity Systems assessment,
  3. CII-EXIM Business Excellence awards, and
  4. ACMA (automotive component manufacturers association) Manufacturing excellence awards

I have professional certifications to support business growth and systems maturity analytics:

  1. Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma from QT&T Singapore and ASQ
  2. ISO TS 16949 – from TUV
  3. European Forum for Quality Management (EFQM) certification as an Assessor CII EXIM award
  4. Social Accountability 8000 – internal auditor

Credited with transformations of 12 organizations from loss to profit and growth & scale in record time. These include SAIL (Bokaro plant with McKinsey), Godfrey Philips group, Uno Minda group in Auto component sector, German export-oriented unit, amongst others.


Contact With Me

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Atul Vij

A Seasoned Business Turnaround and Transformation Expert

    I can help you find solutions to the issues by talking to you, asking relevant questions, using the information passed on by you. That is why I am regarded as ​​a catalyst for business transformation, a Coach to a Visionary entrepreneur and a benefactor for Companies striving to come out of losses / stuck in low profits.

    — Atul Vij