Welcome to my world

Hi, I’m Atul Vij

  1. A Seasoned Business Turnaround & Transformation Expert.
  2. Enabled 20 X Growth in organizations.
  3. Achieved a record growth of ₹6,500 Crores from ₹300 Crores.
Welcome to my world

I’m Atul Vij

  1. A Seasoned Business Turnaround & Transformation Expert.
  2. Enabled 20 X Growth in organizations.
  3. Achieved a record growth of ₹6,500 Crores from ₹300 Crores.

I provide innovative solutions to convert loss-making businesses into sustainable profitable businesses by troubleshooting and redesigning business processes – with a focus on simplicity and alignment to profit and growth goals.

My Story

My First 2 BIG problems I had to solve… The two daunting challenges I solved initially…

So far, my life has been about solving problems. It started long back when I conquered two of the biggest personal problems that I faced in the spheres of profession & physical well- being

Physical well-being:

I had been suffering from acute allergic bronchitis since childhood and the doctors had declared that I would have to be on steroid injections for the rest of my life. I didn’t want to take injections of steroids for life-long, I had to solve this problem for good.


I changed my line of passion from research in Chemistry to Business Management as a career and had to carve a niche for myself. I had been a National Talent Scholarship holder and had topped in Chemistry at Delhi University. However, certain things changed and instead of doing PhD in Russia, I switched over to MBA to settle faster. Would this change be fruitful?

As a Management Trainee at DCM Chemicals, I chose a project that aimed to increase sales revenue and profits of an industrial chemical by changing the distribution logistics in Uttar Pradesh. Within 4 months the sales increased by 333%. The success of my first project boosted my confidence. My analytics, creativity, and ideation had worked – an alchemist ready for the business world.

I knew that my analytical skills and the ways of approaching problems were out of the box and that I could untangle the chronic complex problems in business to help companies churn higher profits.

However, something was missing, and I was waiting….


The 3 boons

The year 1997 proved to be life-changing for me. Just like in mythological stories, it seemed I was blessed with 3 boons that year.

First: I found my solution to health issues in Reiki

Someone introduced me to Reiki (energy healing) which strengthened my body, soul and spirit. I could use it to help others get rid of their chronic conditions. I was so enthused that I did Grandmaster in Reiki from Ms Paula Horan, UK.

My first boon was getting free from bronchitis forever.

It also gave me the much-needed realisation that I get a thrill when I am able to help others.

Second: I found answers on my career stream

In my first-ever Business Turnaround at Bokaro Steel, a Unit of SAIL, I got my answer.

The optimised material flow, I had devised saved SAIL from huge losses due to quality downgrades, and this got selected as the best deliverable by the Client. I realised that my prowess for maximising yield in Chemistry helped me here too. In fact, I had further built upon this strength.
Business turnarounds gave me the challenge to identify the key pivotal elements for turnaround. And the thrill of working with people, processes, and technology to drive for the profitability outcome was, as-if, soul-satisfying.

Third: Mastering tools to bring about radical changes in life

The 3rd boon was equally, or even more rewarding. I realised that the power of belief can work wonders when used the right way and can be disastrous if beliefs rule our minds. I got introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming. I would call it the science of designing success.

I had the opportunity to learn NLP directly from the originator of NLP, the great Richard Bandler himself (NLP co-founder) in 1997. NLP gave me tools to master my beliefs. Since then, I have never stopped taking challenges and have always found solutions, where none existed.


How I became a business transformation catalyst?

I had got introduced to business turnarounds in my first assignment at McKinsey. I felt business turnarounds can be done with a backup of an organization such as McKinsey only. As if destiny was driving me, one of my Alumni friends ask for help to wind up his business to get a better price. As a natural flair, and with the insights I had gained at McKinsey, I pointed out some changes to be made in the process, and the businesses bounced back into profit.

This gave me the confidence to take up the challenge to turn around an auto component business, headed by an IITian and with the backup of the world’s no 1 Automotive Horns manufacturer as its JV partner. We were able to turn around in 8 months with a net profit of 17.5%. For a company that thought it would take 5 years, it was a magical feat. And to me, this was a realisation that I am in the right career. This was closely followed by another business turnaround in one of the group companies of Godfrey Philips India.

By 2003, I had led four successful business turnarounds, each in a different industry. I would start by analyzing the business processes while my creativity and intuition jointly worked their magic. To put it in simple words I somewhere in my mind cracked the business problem-solving algorithm.

I have turned around fifteen companies from losses to profits and taken them on a growth path. In the interim period, I joined the auto component industry to sharpen my prowess in process simplification for business results. The organisation grew from Rs 300 crores to Rs 6500 crores in 11 years.

After 13 years in the auto components sector, I had the inner urge to test whether such skills for transformation and turnaround would apply to other industries too. And I joined a Mobile manufacturing company, aspiring to grow phenomenally. The manufacturing was not able to catch up to the required volumes. Besides, it faced problems of high manufacturing costs, huge inventory, and a poor-quality image. Within two months, we had increased production from 30000 mobiles a day to 50000 mobiles a day, with 1/3rd less workforce. With the support of process equipment suppliers, the warranty problems were reduced to 20%. The gains in cost, quality and delivery enabled the marketing team to expand – The company grew from 1500 crores to 6500 crores in four years.

I have by now worked in less organised sectors such as replacement auto parts, and natural landscaping stones being exported to Germany. And the limitations are in the belief and not in results.

Business Processes

The Key to profit maximization.

Just like any vehicle, be it a motorcycle, car, truck, or even an Airplane, the power comes from its engine, and its unique edge comes from the skill of the driver. Similarly, the strength of any business comes from its systems, technology –people nexus. This holds the key to the success & if misaligned it also leads to the failure of any business organization.

My expertise lies in decoding and leveraging these three to help businesses overcome losses and grow exponentially to become the industry leader.

Certifications + Recognition


Operations Excellence

  • Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma from ASQ, and QT&T Singapore (2016-20)
  • TQM/TPS: Trained on Toyota Production System (TPS) from Japanese Sensei in India and Japan
  • TPM: trained by Yamaguchi San on TPM as a part of the Bajaj Cluster.
  • Short-term courses at IIM Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Noida on Advanced Quality Management, Decision Making in Uncertainty, Team Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills, Design Thinking

Business Growth

  • Nominated by Govt of Germany on a 4-week intensive course on “FIT FOR GERMANY”
  • Course on “Growth strategies” at IIM Calcutta (2019-2020)
  • Certified Online Instructor on ‘Planning and Adjusting Business Strategies’ with American Society of Mech. Engineers (ASME)

Advanced Use of IT/ IoT

  • Digital transformation at MIT
  • One month exposure visits on “Industry-4.0” (by Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Federal Govt. of Germany)

Business Excellence

  • Certified assessor on EFQM (European Forum for Quality Management)
  • (Co-Designer) and Assessor on Industry 4.0 awards for SME/large sector at FICCI Certified assessor on ISO TS 16949 – by TUV


Awards and Recognitions

SAP- National ACE Award for Manufacturing Excellence in 2012

Network 18- CIO Master Award for Business Intelligence in 2013

9.9 Media- Recognised amongst Top 100 Future CIOs in 2012

Network 18 & HCL- Regional Award for Strategic IT Infrastructure

Network 18 & HCL- National Award for Strategic IT Infrastructure

From the industry




Graphologists Club (Graphology for the Curious)

Paradigm Shifters Hub

Advanced Landmark and SELP

IIM C Alumni

IMT Alumni

Master Networking Program

NLP Master Practitioner Club

Digital Transformation Club - MIT


Connect With Me

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Atul Vij

A Seasoned Business Turnaround and Transformation Expert

    I can help you find solutions to the issues by talking to you, asking relevant questions, using the information passed on by you. That is why I am regarded as ​​a catalyst for business transformation, a Coach to a Visionary entrepreneur and a benefactor for Companies striving to come out of losses / stuck in low profits.

    — Atul Vij