My Story

1997 - The year that turned my life around

While I worked in sales & marketing and market research, I came up with important strategic inputs to my boss that he found very useful and put me on important assignments. I had realized that I had a special gift to see things differently. I wanted to provide innovative solutions to help ailing companies turn around and churn profits. At DCM Chemicals I changed the distribution logistics of Uttar Pradesh and sales increased by 333% in 4 months.

My proposal from Market research got us an assignment for GE Silicones in a global bidding at Netherlands.

But something was missing…

On the personal front, I had been suffering from acute allergic bronchitis and the doctors had prophesied that I would be on steroid injections for the rest of my life. I knew I had to solve this problem too.

That’s when a surprising turn of events in my personal and professional life transformed everything for the better.

The dots finally started to connect

Found my answer in Reiki:
A family acquaintance introduced me to Reiki that would save me from bronchitis. I did not need to take steroids ever since. I also completed the Grandmaster level in Reiki that has continued to strengthen my soul and spirit.My First-ever business turnaround:
My Director in Management Consulting introduced me to McKinsey and I experienced my first-ever Business Turnaround at Bokaro Steel, Unit of SAIL. I received enormous exposure and freedom to exercise my creativity.

The Coil tracking software:

I also designed a “Coil tracking software” for the steel coils coming from hot rolling mill to cold rolling mill. It gave them an optimized solution for material flow and saved them from huge losses due to quality downgrades. It got selected as the best deliverable by SAIL.

The inner calling:
This assignment led me to my inner calling – to turnaround businesses.
I decided to design simplified systems that can increase profitability and address all quality, cost, and delivery goals.

NLP for a life-change:
But there was one more dot that still needed to connect. I had heard about Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) before, but in 1997, during Richard Bandler’s (NLP co-founder) only visit to Southeast Asia ever since, I got the opportunity to learn NLP in a unique way from Richard himself (over 10 days).

I was blessed to be a part of so many business transformation journeys

People often say I have a gift that helps me identify problem areas that can amplify business growth.

Each of my experiences of working with businesses has been completely different. There is no pre-designed system that can be applied to all businesses. Each business scenario is unique. A solution that works for business A won’t necessarily work for Business B.

But my experience and expertise help me identify loopholes and system issues in a business. I start by analyzing the business plan and processes while my intuition and experience work their magic.

I have turned around 15 companies from losses to profits and taken them on a growth path.

My experience in leading turnaround/business transformation is very unique, as I have managed this in different roles. It has changed the way I relate with people and made a significant difference in the sustenance of results, with a transfer of ownership and accountability.

Did you know the Big 4 consultants charge in crores for transformation and the majority take more than a year to turn around the business?

I catalyzed profit maximization & business excellence through Strategy & Execution

While working with Godfrey Philips India/Modicare/Indofil, I saw that their fastest-selling product had a yield loss of 11%. This meant that with just a little focused effort, results would give disproportionately high savings. But I had to do this without any change in raw material, its specifications and sourcing, manufacturing process including equipment and team, and so on (as per the R&D head’s instructions). So, without changing and challenging the constraints, we conducted problem-solving in the team, along with the supplier of chemicals, and successfully brought down the yield loss to 0.75%.

I got an opportunity to work with an Automotive Horn Company unit that was under great financial pressure. Although it did not pose any hurdles, there was a lack of support. After I closely worked for 4 months with them, the company profits began to rise.

When I was assigned to lead the business turnaround of a Japanese JV Unit – with a state-of-art paint shop and blow moulding unit supplying to Maruti and Toyota – it was facing serious issues of losses and customer complaints. It was almost on the verge of getting blacklisted. It had three plants – Haryana, Bangalore and near Chennai.

We churned profits in the 6th month and by year-end, we had wiped out all past years’ losses. In fact, we received the best supplier award from Toyota and got orders from Honda Cars.
This was amazing learning from people behavior perspective too, across all levels of management.

In 3 instances, I have doubled revenues in just 2-3 years. I am adept at creating and restructuring processes across all functions of the organization for massive turnarounds.

I want to use my expertise of profit maximisation & business excellence and help businesses overcome losses or slow growth

My experience with these businesses have taught me that the technology – systems – people nexus holds the key. And it’s never too late to get your business up to speed. So, don’t give up.

Loss-making processes are like Cancer for a business, they keep spreading unchecked. Just as every Cancer patient needs special hand-holding, my expertise and varied experience gives me the credibility to help your company not only to come out of losses or lower profits but also to make you a leader in your industry segment.


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Atul Vij

A Seasoned Business Turnaround and Transformation Expert

    I can help you find solutions to the issues by talking to you, asking relevant questions, using the information passed on by you. That is why I am regarded as ​​a catalyst for business transformation, a Coach to a Visionary entrepreneur and a benefactor for Companies striving to come out of losses / stuck in low profits.

    — Atul Vij